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Predator Exclusion

Predators come in all sizes and shapes. And they can come at your agricultural or aquaculture products from all angles. From land, sea or air, attacks can damage or deplete your crops or fish. Keeping them out means not only preventing damage or loss, but also the potential for contamination of your plants and stress factors to your aquatic stock. It takes the right kind of nets to allow nature’s beneficial components of sun, fresh air, clean water, pollen, bees and other pollinators through, while keeping harmful critters out.

Farm Friendly
Some predators are actually good stewards of nature, such as birds, bats, squirrels and raccoons. But keeping them from contaminating, damaging or stealing your agricultural products is key to your farm’s financial health. Damage to crops means more time inspecting, sorting and removing, which adds up to labor costs. Crop income is lost, crop production costs increase, hauling or destroying damaged crops costs more and confidence in your product is diminished. Having the right netting can keep the unwanted players out, while still allowing the tiny pollinators through, so your farm operates profitably.

Sea Sturdy
In open waters, fresh or salt, aggressive invading species may see your aquaculture fish inventory as one big all-you-can-eat buffet. Our nets are built marine environment tough, to withstand the rigors of predators, UV exposure, saltwater, swift currents, freezing temperatures and rough contact with workboats. They let currents carrying nutrients and oxygen-rich water in, and then take waste products from your fish out. All the while making sure otters, seals, sea lions, dolphins, sharks and orcas can look, but they can’t touch.

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