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Our nets are just as effective at keeping good animals in, as they are at keeping unwanted animals out. And because we specify the right combination of material type, weave, strength and opening size, the optimum amount of light, air and visibility are provided.


Raising Birds

Protecting birds, from the smallest wild varieties, to commercial breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, to large and exotic birds like pheasants and birds of prey, can best be done with nets. Aviaries large and small, allow the birds the sun, fresh air and vertical space they need to thrive, while protecting the birds from predators of all types.


Raising Fish

Using nets to protect fish from predators requires the right net for the situation. Whether it’s prize-winning koi, salmon smolts, farmed trout or any other type of fresh water or saltwater fish, the key is understanding the task. Even beyond predators, nets can be used to keep out leaves, debris and man-made litter to ensure a clean, healthy environment.


Protecting Wildlife

Zoo animals need the right kind of nets to keep them from getting out, and from getting into things they shouldn’t. These same nets protect the animals from the wrong kind of interaction with humans and from animals outside the zoo. Plus, many zoo animals use the nets within their enclosures for shelter, exercise and for play.

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