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316 (b)

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act provides standards so that water intake structures minimize their adverse impacts on fish, fish eggs, shellfish and other marine life. Regulated facilities include electric generating plants and manufacturers of pulp, paper, chemical, steel, petroleum, aluminum, chemical and food products.

Typically, any intake of U.S. water including for cooling purposes that exceeds 2 million gallons per day is regulated. The regulations were introduced so impingement of fish and invertebrates on traveling screens will be reduced by 80-95%, and entrainment of organisms passing through the cooling water systems will be reduced by 60-90% nationally.

Summary of the Clean Water Act

The Electric Power Research Institute Report, Design Considerations and Specifications for Fish Barrier Nets, Deployment at Cooling Water Intake Structures, October 2006 concluded "when properly designed and installed, barrier nets may represent the most cost effective means to comply with these rules and are a practicable technology for meeting the Clean Water Act §316(b) fish impingement performance standard (80-95% reduction in impingement mortality) under several of the EPA’s compliance alternatives."

Pacific Netting Products is the world leader in the design, construction and installation of high technology barrier net exclusion systems. Our installations at nuclear power plants, coal fired facilities, pump storage facilities and other sites provide operators the most cost effect compliance option available. Our solutions include considerations for long-term operations and maintenance costs, installation and removal procedures for permanent or seasonal deployment, debris management plans, aquatic growth and cleaning plans, and safety and security plans.


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