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Fish Passage

Hydropower, the largest source of renewable energy, contributes nearly 16% of the world’s total energy production in more than 160 countries. But the worldwide development of this low-carbon energy generation has caused several impacts on fish fauna. These impacts to the survival rate of marine life continue to be vital to our related social and economic progress. Construction of mills and dams, and the withdrawal of water for cooling industrial facilities or irrigation from our rivers and streams, also continue to be serious challenges.

To assist these vital industries, Pacific Netting Products builds exclusion, guidance and collection flexible barriers that allow water to flow unimpeded, while protecting fish and aquatic species from harm. Our designs provide collection or passage methods for fish, and give operators methods to successfully guide debris, increase dam safety, and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

PNP works with social, economic, environmental, engineering, and regulatory stakeholders. We build site specific, cost effective solutions that enhance conservation of fish, support carbon free energy and support the communities that depend on both.

Recent Projects:


Swift Reservoir, Lewis River, Washington

Repair of Full Exclusion Barrier Nets for Floating Surface Collector


Multi-Function Booms
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