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Flying objects are at the heart of our most popular spectator sports. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey, tennis and others. When flying objects go where they’re supposed to, watching live sports can be a real thrill.


Spectator Protection

But another bigger thrill is when those flying objects take off in the wrong direction. Nothing’s more chilling that a foul ball or a broken bat heading into the crowd. Pacific Netting Products has the right protective nets to keep spectators safe, while still allowing them to see and enjoy all of the game’s action.


Protecting Athletes

Batting cages, pitcher protection nets and other protective netting from Pacific Netting Products, give professional and amateur athletes the confidence to focus on their sport. Our sports net products let athletes have the confidence that errant balls, bats and pitches, or line drives right back at the mound won’t have serious consequences.


When Nets Are The Sport

Training in rugged terrain with obstacle courses is not just for the military anymore. Our climbing nets and obstacle course nets can help turn a simple jogging path into a challenging cross-fit circuit training course. And adults don’t get to have all the fun. Nets can be safe and skill-building physical play for kids too.


Multi-Function Booms
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