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Bureau of Reclamation

The Central Valley Project Improvement Act directs the Secretary of the Interior to “develop and implement a comprehensive program to provide flows to allow sufficient spawning, incubation, rearing, and outmigration for salmon and steelhead from Whiskeytown Dam.”  They appointed the Bureau of Reclamation as the co-lead who in-turn contacted Pacific Netting Products for a solution. 

The engineers at PNP designed, built and installed an 800’ X 42’ temperature curtain.  This fabric curtain was constructed of 5 ply 60 mil CSPE Hypalon and incorporates an integral 30” diameter steel frame boat passage gate.  PNP custom designed the flexible barrier to fit the location and delivered it in two sections, requiring minimal on site assembly.  The temperature curtain contains the warmer water and algae near the surface, while allowing the cooler, preferable water, to flow downstream to aid the migrating fish.  As a result, the Bureau of Reclamation was able to meet federal requirements to improve fish passage and continue their mission to protect the environment.



30” X 20’ foam filled steel floats

48” foam filled steel anchor buoys


5 ply 60 mil CSPE Hypalon Fabric Curtain


30” diameter steel frame boat passage gate


Weights, chain and all rigging components


Shore anchors with clump weights on near shore curtain sections


Deployed for year round use

Anticipated lifespan of 8-10 years



Multi-Function Booms
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