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Industrial Netting

Barrier Netting:

Dams / Hydroelectric Plants:

Netting to protect and divert fish. This netting is designed to meet all State and Federal guidelines

Barrier Protection Systems

Water Intake Canal Netting:

Netting to block the entry/exit of fish and or debris, slow down current, divert water flow. Designed to meet all State and Federal guidelines

316(b) Barrier Netting

Debris Nets:

Nets used to collect or entrap all types of debris from entering or leaving a specific area

Oil Pit Cover Nets:

Nets are used to keep out birds and wildlife from entering de-watering ponds

Mining/Cyanide Pond Nets:

Nets used to keep out birds and wildlife from entering leeching ponds.

Cargo Nets:

We classify cargo nets as being a net to either cover or move different types of materials.

1). Cover Nets:
Made to cover different types of loads being transported by truck to keep the load in place, from damage and or from damaging personal property.
Any net can be built depending on the load. For example, construction debri, yard waste, boxes, etc
2). Lifting Cargo Nets:
Nets  used to aerial move materials from one place to another.

Industries such as  Military, Maritime, Forest service use this type of net. They would be built from either machine made netting or built from rope mesh depending on the size and weight of the material being moved. Any size and configuration can be built.


1). Gangway Nets.
These nets are installed under the stairways when fishing or sea going ocean vessels are along side the wharf.
 The net is to catch falling objects and or people  that were dropped/fell from the stairway .  They may or may not have a debri linner attached.
2). Hatch Cover Netting.
Nets built to cover or go around an open cargo hatch on a vessel that is in the process of loading and unloading.

3). Railing Netting.
 To be attached to existing railings to keep kids/animals from falling.
This can be used on any vessel including sail boats.  Netting  is used  around old vessel railings that are on tour to the public (USS Missouri). Sail boats use it to keep from persons/animals from falling over.


Nets are designed to stop and contain  lightweight garbage (paper, styryfoam, plastic bags etc.) from blowing out of the landfill.

Retaining ponds:

Nets  used to keep out birds and other wildlife from potentially un-safe water/habitat areas. Designed to meet all State and Federal regulations.

Conveyer Nets:

Nets are installed  under conveyor systems to catch any material that may happen to fall off.
Designed for personnel and product safety. They are sized for strength according to the materials conveyed.

Rack Guard Nets:

Nets designed to be used vertically or horizontally on rack shelving.
Nets are made to meet  OSHA/ANSI Standards.