HDPE Floating Structures for Aquaculture

Pacific Netting Products has a long history of supporting commercial fisheries as well as the federal, state, and tribal agencies mandated with the responsibility of protecting the health and welfare of recreational and protected fisheries. PNP manufactures custom floating HDPE net pens for many different species and age classes, in any size and geometry, and for any environmental condition. We incorporate behavior-based elements into each design to help facilitate optimum fish growth and health, always considering the environmental forces the net pens will be subject to while deployed. PNP’s designs allow for portability and ease of transport. In cases where a net pen cannot be removed, we offer a design that can be sunk deep within the water column (e.g., below ice and waves) and refloated after spring thaw. PNP is committed to improving fish stocks and participating in the restoration of native fisheries through the products we offer.