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Yard & Garden Fencing

Nets can keep animals like deer, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and possums out of your yard, nursery, farm or livestock area. These nets protect your plants and animals from the dangers of predation, foraging and contamination. These nets can also keep your children and pets from wandering near swimming pools, street traffic and other worries, providing you with added safety and peace of mind.

Visual Window
Traditional wood fences can be expensive to install, and often require annual painting, staining or other maintenance to keep looking their best. Plus, they block the view and the sunlight when all you really need is a physical barrier. When netting is used for fencing, it lets you see what’s on the other side so you can fully monitor where your kids, dogs, chickens or other livestock are. When the netting is done right, you keep the view and the safety too.

Flexible In Use and Shape
Unlike wood fences, chainlink fences or other rigid barriers, net fences can conform to the exact shape you want. Curved net fences are easy to create and can be an architectural feature that accents or defines a garden space or yard. And if seasonal changes favor having your fence be there only when you want it, a net fence is easier to remove and store away until needed again. No maintenance, better views, better sun and breeze for plants, and adaptable use that fits your seasons. Net fences give you greater flexibility.

Multi-Function Booms
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