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Environmental Barrier

Since 1997, Pacific Netting Products Inc. has been supplying engineered barrier nets for an array of applications and to a wide range of industries. We are the industry leader in the application, design, and installation of high-tech synthetic mesh barrier netting systems. Whether for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule 316(b) compliance, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) re-licensing, or other environment related issues, PNP works with you to help meet your challenges

Hydroelectric power is an unmissable part of the drive to reduce emissions and secure cheap and sustainable energy. It’s cost-effective, proven and carbon neutral.

The story for fish has been less rosy, however. For them, the construction of a dam causes obvious logistical hurdles as they try to migrate up and down rivers. Instead of making it to their destination, millions end up mangled in turbines, trapped below dams, or slow-cooked in reservoir water that is too warm for them. But there is hope: growing environmental awareness and regulation, plus new barrier net technologies and fish management systems, are helping to turn the situation around.

Stronger fish barrier nets with Dyneema®

In the United States, Pacific Netting Products Incorporated (PNP) is helping power generators to reduce costs and increase successful fish migration with barrier nets made with advanced Dyneema® fiber.

At the Great Lakes, in Michigan, for example, the company has manufactured and installed the world’s longest barrier net at approximately 2.5 miles (4 km) to protect fish stocks. At Bagnall Dam, in Missouri, PNP nets made with Dyneema® were chosen over nylon ones because they are less likely to break. This is crucial because at one point the net is just 40 feet (13 meters) from a turbine intake and a break could lead to the net being sucked into the turbine. PNP’s nets made with Dyneema® have also enabled the plant’s operator to reduce ROV inspections from monthly to quarterly, because the nets are proving to be so resilient. This has cut ROV inspection costs by 25%.



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