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Proper installation is critical to having your net system perform well. Without a carefully planned and precisely executed install, even an inspired design and build will underperform. 


On paper, an installation can look simple. But Nature has a way of changing that. Freezing temperatures, ice, storm surf, high currents, wind gusts and even low visibility underwater can put projects behind schedule and over budget if not managed well.


Our years of installation experience have taught us what’s needed to put everything together on site, either above water or below. We know how to coordinate equipment deliveries, cranes, boats, divers and crews to get your system correctly assembled and operating optimally. And we know the agencies and regulations that affect your project, so we can keep everything moving smoothly forward.


During and after the installation of your net project, we establish the guidelines, procedures, checklists and journals you’ll need to keep your system working at peak level over the years ahead. And because we design, build and install, we’re always here for the questions you may have, or the support, materials and assistance you may need.


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