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An industry leader in the design and manufacture of HDPE floating structures and netting solutions.

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Since its founding in 1997, Pacific Netting Products (PNP) has solidified its role as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of exclusion, guidance, and collection systems for myriad applications. We specialize in HDPE floating structures and netting options and are recognized throughout North America and internationally for our diverse product lines, quality solutions, and technical expertise.

Solutions & Applications

HDPE Floating Structures

PNP offers a diverse line of stock and customizable HDPE and HDPE co-extrusion floating structures. PNP’s HDPE MultiFunction Boom series offers an all-purpose modular solution that addresses the challenges associated with dam operations, public safety, protected fisheries, water quality, surface water withdrawal, aquaculture, harbors, and marinas. PNP applies its technical expertise when selecting the proper diameter, length, connection, signage, color, and add-on boom features to achieve each customer’s operational and financial objectives. For high-energy, high-load environments, PNP’s SafeGuard Boom series offers working load capacities from 50 to 500 kips. Our HDPE floating structures offer a superior return on investment when compared to booms built of rotomolded plastic, aluminum, or other materials. Every PNP HDPE product is backed by a commitment to quality and service.

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Custom HDPE
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Solutions & Applications

Netting Products

PNP is the leading provider of custom netting solutions for industrial, commercial, recreational, and residential uses. We listen to our customers to fully understand the scope of each application and the required service life. PNP offers a full line of netting materials that can be manufactured to any specifications or PNP can create a customized netting plan for any project. All of our netting products are manufactured with the highest regard to quality materials and craftsmanship.

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Our services

While our products are often designed to establish physical boundaries, we are never bound by market sector or geography when it comes to serving our clients. Whatever the need and wherever the site, PNP can provide a solution – throughout the U.S. and around the world.


Every HDPE floating structure and netting project requires some level of design and engineering. PNP offers decades of technical experience and can assist in selecting the appropriate design to meet our customers’ requirements. PNP has longstanding relationships with reputable firms that offer a full scope of engineering services to ensure operational success.


At PNP, all HDPE and netting products are manufactured according to design and plan specifications. PNP’s net loft and HDPE fabrication shop are staffed by dedicated crew members who take pride in building quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

An Industry Leader

PNP Netting Build

PNP operates as a Small Business Enterprise from its administrative headquarters and manufacturing facility in Kingston, Washington, USA. As a family-owned and operated company, PNP was founded on the principle that listening carefully to customers is the best way to deliver the quality they need and surpass the service they expect. PNP has been manufacturing and supplying systems since 1997, so we know what it takes to successfully execute and deliver a project on schedule and within budget.

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Latest News & Products

SafeGuard Boom Series

For sites requiring strength, versatility, and visibilty. Reinforced by external steel frames, SafeGuard Booms can be constructed from black or colored co-extrusion HDPE pipe.

Colored Co-Extrusion HDPE Pipe

Our popular co-extrusion HDPE pipe is now available in bright colors for high visibility.