Ports and Marinas

Pacific Netting Products has a long history of supporting water dependent uses including ports and marinas. Port and marinas are vital to economic growth, leisure, and recreation. Containerized cargo, break bulk, and recreational vessels all require a secure and unobstructed surface when on berth. PNP fabricates floating HDPE docks in a variety of shapes and sizes that limit grounding and minimize the adverse modification of overwater shading. For port facilities with fender piles constructed of steel, concrete, and/or wood, PNP offers a floating breasting log that evenly distributes lateral loads thereby reducing point loads and reducing the risk of costly pile repair or replacement. Natural forces such as wind and wave energy can also present enormous costs if left unmitigated. To help reduce the effects, PNP has developed an HDPE floating wave attenuation system. The system’s keel can be equipped with an HDPE sheet or rubber skirt to further reduce wave energy. The floating boom can be ballasted or weighted with ship anchor chains to further reduce the effects of wave and wake energies. The attenuators can be customized to include navigation lighting and signage for enhanced public safety.